If you have taken a Tour with one of us at FAVELA ADVENTURES, we want to hear from you. Our goal is to offer the best service possible and make sure every visitor has an unforgettable time here in Rocinha.

Below is a list of questions, if you could cut and paste your answers with the questions in an email, we can gather information on how to keep our tours/visits top notch!

Thank you!


Could you please take some time to fill out this short survey about your experience and visit to the favela of Rocinha with guides Zezinho and/or Nildo. We are always trying to improve our services and we are open to suggestions.

1.) Before entering in your tour/visit of the favela, what were your thoughts about the place or favelas in general? From what people told you, or what you learned from the media?

2.) Was your tour guide friendly?

3.) Were they punctual?

4.) Was the guide knowledgeable about the favela or Rocinha?

5.) Did you feel rushed on the tour or did you feel there was adequate time spent at each spot?

6.) Did you feel your questions were answered honestly by the guide?

7.) What did you learn overall on this visit to Rocinha?

8.) Was the tour what your expected, was less than I expected, or more than I expected?

9.) How were your treated by the residents of the community?

10.) Did you feel safe at all times?

11.) Was the tour too short, too long or just about right?

12.) Was the trip ever uncomfortable or did you feel like it was dificult?

13.) What surprised/shocked you most about Rocinha?

14.) Now that you have some experience of being in a favela, what are your thoughts now?

15.) Would you feel good/safe about coming to visit Rocinha again if you had the opportunity?

16.) Would you recomend this type of visit to family or friends?

17.) Can you give a short write up about your tour guide? Any remarks positive or negative?

18.) Is there anything we can do to improve the tours? Your ideas are valued.

Thank you for taking the time to tell us about your experience!

Anyone interested in booking a tour, a Cultural Program or volunteering in Rocinha, please contact Favela Adventures Director Zezinho at:

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