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Articles about Zezinho


Brasil Best
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Katia Embuske- Blog Dance Fitness & Travel May 2, 2011

Favela da Rocinha- Article about Zezinho and Tourism in Rocinha April 2011

Julie Hollingsworth – A Favela Story April 25, 2010

CASA 579 in Santa Teresa a Guest House April 10, 2010

Dan Does The World- by Dan Robertson March 21, 2010

Youtube Videos about Rocinha made by Zezinho

Rocinha in the Valao


Favela da Rocinha- Funk party at Club Emocoes (Emotions)

Restaurant Beer Pizza in Rocinha

Rocinha- Cacau’s Party

Rocinha- Tio Lino’s Office

Rocinha- New Years 2009

Rocinha- In front of my house


Information about Surfer Ricardo “Bocao” Ramos

Ricardo “Bocao” Ramos
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VIDEOS on Youtube about Ricardo “Bocao” Ramos

Surfing Favela

Surfing Favela Documentary

Surfing Favela Extract


Flavio Canto and his Judo and Jiu Jitsu Instructors

Aurimar Costa Mendes-Judo

Marcos “Marquinhos” Campos- Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

“Instituto Reacao” (Reaction Institute)

CNN Heroes
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CNN Video helping change children’s lives through Judo

Videos about “Instituto Reacao”


ACORDA Capoeira and Mestre Manoel “Manel” Costa

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Videos about ACORDA Capoeira


Bodyboarding Videos

Vanderlei “Ley” Silva’s Body Boarding School


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To see more about Ley’s work with both kids and adults of Rocinha go to this fotoblog:

Link to view fotoblog.

Link to view fotoblog.


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