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28 setembro 2009


I met a new friend who is an American in Brazil. This is a site for tours, security and property rentals & investments in Brazil. Mark lives very close to Rocinha and is helping to support FAVELA ADVENTURES.
Please check out his website and Blog.

My mission with American In Brasil is to change the perception americans have of brasil. To introduce them to the real brasil. Show Brasil for what it is; a leader in the world on energy, conservation, trade and all mighty freedom. With a focus on Rio de Janeiro, its rich culture and history. Building awareness and friendships with brasilians that are striving for similar goals. The colorful uniqueness along high mountains, jungles and white beaches. Stress the conservation successes and progressive policies but showing the need for more. The inticing positive investment opportunites here in land and business, together with booming tourism and a low unemployment rate. A bright future built on a sound infrastructure and solid growth with the upcoming World Cup and the Olympics.

I am going to attack my mission with education through;
my writings, the AIB Website
American in Brasil” travel and exploration show
You Tube shorts
Adventure guide, face to face working person to person
Knowing when the american people open up and experience brasil, minds will change.

I moved here for a better way of life. To breathe the freshest air, drink the freshest water, swim the best ocean, and to be free…
I am building a life here and will fight to help brasil move forward, learning from history so the future is bright, and the present is beleza!

~american in brasil

American In Brasil

American In Brasil


FAVELA DA ROCINHA Website: My friend Leandro Lima is a student of journalism and a fotographer so please check out his site here about all the goings on in Rocinha.


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